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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 8, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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they're getting snow. much of frederick, culpeper, fauquier, west of there light flurries. east, it's all rain and rain falling all around the metro area, points south and east. where you see the yellows and oranges, it's coming down hard. moderate to heavy rain salisbury toward virginia, tidewater, extreme southern st. mary's county. the northern neck of virginia. farther north, light cold rain. but thankfully, even where the snow is falling, the road temperatures are above freezing. so it's melting on roads. but there could be an accumulation of an inch maybe on grassy areas there before it changes over to all rain by about 8:00, 9:00 this morning. in montgomery county, above freezing. arlington fairfax and prince george's county and southern maryland. it's near the freezing mark. road temperatures are above freezing just melting on roadways there. but there might be an inch
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accumulation all these counties in the lavender and that mainly would be some of the higher elevations. that includes nearby montgomery county, howard, frederick and maryland, hagerstown toward cumberland. shenandoah valley into eastern, west virginia. it's expiring at 10:00 this morning. i think all rain by then. a rainy morning. temperatures above freezing through 8:00. that's north and west of us. will be tapering off and changing to rain by 9:00. by noon, in the region, we should be in the upper 30s and all rain all around the reswron into the afternoon. details in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. well, it's friday and the rails are open. eun, over to you. >> overnight, snow began to fall. a live look at the roads in northern virginia. not much traffic yet. but it could be a rough commute once more drivers hit the road. tony tull is live in leesburg where the flakes are falling. tony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. they've been falling for about
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the last 40 minutes. we came in through dulles told road on to route 7 in leesburg. we were dealing with rain until we got to historic leesburg. that's where we started seeing the flakes falling. if you see it in the shot, panning up to the light, you can see what we're dealing with. for the last half hour. if you take a look on the untreated areas, you can see we're starting to get accumulati accumulation. we have residual left over. if you look on the pavement, not too much accumulation. as tom has been saying all morning, road temperatures a little too warm. even if you take a look out here on to leesburg pike here in historic leesburg, you can see it's -- i wouldn't say it's accumulating on the roads, but you can see it's starting to stick a little bit. we don't expect this to last for too much longer. again, as you heard, loudoun county schools are delaying. we're going to send it over to danella with an update on the road throughout the region. how is it looking? >> tony, pretty clear on the
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roads especially around the beltway. starting with the rails. they're open. no reported delays there. as we were talking about the roads as far as volume, not seeing any and we'll head up to i-270, because as of now, still seeing just rain on camera. so out of frederick, can't see cameras there. when we get closer to germantown, still seeing rain as well as the rockville area. rain. a look at the beltway, you can see just wet here. as far as major volume, you're nice and clear between i-270 passing this time connecticut avenue and continuing towards i-95. your travel lanes are open. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. if you planned to catch a polite in the northeast today, expect to make some changes. flight says just under 3,000 flights are already canceled through tomorrow. we can expect that number to climb. you're look live right now at reagan national where megan mcgrath is this morning. she's telling us that airlines are trying to bump up passengers to earlier flights. most carriers are waiving change
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fees for those traveling through new england airports through sunday. one way to get as far north as new york is by train. amtrak tells us northeast service will run as normal between d.c. and new york for now. however, you'll likely have to stop in the big apple. all service between new york and boston will be suspended just after noon today. service also halted in connecticut, new hampshire, vermont and upstate new york later today. you can get the forecast wherever you are by downloading the storm team 4 weather app for your smartphone. you can also take and upload photos so other viewers can see what you're seeing. conditions in your neighborhood. >> we're following breaking news out of iraq right now. the death toll continues to climb in a series of car bombings in baghdad. we hear that at least 31 people died when four bombs exploded in baghdad in a town south of the capitol. dozens of people were also hurt in the blast. more information continues to pour into our newsroom. we'll update you when we learn more. 5:04.
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let's go to melissa mollet at the live desk. >> it might be the middle of the night in northern california but more than 1,000 officers joined in a massive manhunt for a former lapd officer accused of a murd riss manhunt. it's stretching into nevada. 33-year-old christopher dorner killed three people including a police officer and injured two others. his burnt out truck was found in the mountains east of l.a. dorner is nowhere to be found. investigators say he's armed and extremely dangerous. >> been a tragic day for all law enforcement officers across the country. he's still on the street and we don't though what he's going to do. we know what he's capable of doing. we need to find him. >> now, dorner did post a lengthy manifesto on facebook detailing threats against officers he intended to kill. he also threatened their families. he says he was unfairly fired from the police department in
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2008 and will not stop until his name is cleared. we'll keep our eyes on this for you. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. new this morning, prince george's county police helping university of maryland police track down the man who robbed a woman on campus. the victim says she was walking through the kk lot near the chemical and nuclear engineering building. this was just after 10:30 last night. a man pulled a gun on her. she says he took cash, gift cards and other items and took off. the victim could only give a vague description of the robber. an investigation under way after a pedestrian is struck by a train. the impact the accident had on local train service. also ahead, no laughing matter. the meeting bringing stephen colbert to our region today. the age group that has the toughest time dealing with the pressures of everyday life. a live look outside where you'll be dealing with rain and snow. we learned that culpeper county public schools are closed today. the impact this winter storm
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might have on your commute with weather
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folks up and down the eastern seaboard preparing for a massive winter storm. we're talking about the northeast in particular. you're looking at a live picture from leesburg, virginia, where the snow is coming down and starting to stick on the roads
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there. we also want to tell you loudoun county schools on a delay. warren and culpeper county schools in virginia are closed today. school districts making plans to prepare for this weather. we could get more school closings coming in. keep it right here on news 4. let's check the forecast now. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. tom? >> it's a slushy cumulation on the roadways where we're getting the snow elsewhere, all rain other than white. there is snow reaching the ground and accumulating from culpeper to warrenton to leesburg to frederick. winchester to front royal, la ray, those areas getting -- but it's all rain farther east. we're going to have this rain even where it's snowing. change over to perhaps at 8:00, 9:00 this morning. temperatures around the beltway and the metro area are above freezing. we're getting that cold rain. where the areas you see in purple, that's where we could get an inch of snow including all of these areas west and north of washington. as we get into the afternoon
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hours, we'll have highs reaching the low to mid-40s with rain and the rain ending by sunset. then tonight, windy and turning colder. we could get some flurries tonight into saturday morning. a look at the weekend the rest of the weekend, next week in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic now. >> still light volume in the area. we'll head down i-95 and take a look past stafford. a live look at 234. dumfries road. a closer look. you're nice and clear as far as volume. the roadway is wet. commuting on to 395 northbound getting by without any issues at duke street southbound. aaron and eun. thank you, danella. positive news from boeing as they try to get the dreamliner pack in the skies. a search for survivors under way after a ferry accident dumps dozens of people into the water. we continue to track a winter storm as it moves through the region and up the east coas
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bracing for historic winter storm.
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we are keeping you ahead of a winter storm tarng the east coast this morning. you're looking live in leesburg, virginia, where the snow is falling. as such, there's a two-hour delay for leesburg county public schools and closed school districts this morning. fauquier county, warren county and culpeper county all closed. new this morning, rescue crews in bangladesh are searching for missing passengers after a ferry collided with another ship sending 100 people into the water. the ferry capsized after the accident. local villagers helped to rescue people. ferry accidents are common because they're overcrowded. investigating how an amtrak train fatally collided with a pedestrian. this happened around 7:00 last night on the tracks between
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backlick road and the beltway in alexandria. the train was coming from new york heading to new orleans. none of the 226 passengers on the train was injured. however, the accident left a vre train stopped just south of alexandria. passengers had to be loaded on to buses. 16 after the hour. we're waiting for word from boeing about when it will start test flights on the 787 dreamliners. the faa gave the company permission to do those tests as it tries to fix problems with the plane's lithium-ion batteries. boeing can only fly the 787s over unpopulated areas. the faa still won't allowed dreamliners to be used for passenger flights until it is sure the battery problem is fixed. president obama will say farewell to defense secretary leon panetta. the president and joint chiefs of staff chairman will host a ceremony saying goodbye to panetta this afternoon. the defense secretary made what could be his final appearance yesterday. he testified before the senate armed services committee about the deadly attack on the
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benghazi consulate. he said budget cuts hampered the state department's response to the attack. he added that the looming sques ration on march 1st would cause more damage to america's national defense strategy. it appears john brennan is on track to become the next cia director despite harsh criticism from docrats and republicans. this was yesterday. members of the senate and intelligence committee dprild him about unhan manned drones killi killing terror suspects overseas. he said the obama administration only uses drone strikes when there is -- stephen colbert shows off the conservative streak on his show. he's changing his tune and reaching across the aisle to democrats. the faux conservative -- he will ab the at the launds down resort. nancy pelosi invited colbert to
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the retreat. she said we assume this is his try at bipartisanship. getting ready for a historic winter storm. two storms over several northeastern states prompting blizzard warnings in parts of new england as well. the massive storm is head hadded straight for boston. that has millions of people scramble to get ready. jay gray is live in boss at any with a look at how people are preparing. jay, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, aaron. time to prepare is running out. the storm expected to really make its mark starting about midday here through the evening and into saturday morning. this morning more than 23 million people across new england waking up to a blizzard warning. as you talked about, the worst of it could be here in boston. 2 feet or more of snow could fall before it's all said and done. so a lot of people making a run on hardware and home improvement stores as you might imagine, making sure they have flashlights, batteries, rock
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salt, all the things they will immediate for this storm. also at grocery stores, water, bread, the things that they will need to sustain themselves through this storm and possibly to sustain themselves without power for a couple of days in the suburbs because with this storm, high winds expected in some areas. hurricane-force winds. the emergency operations center here and across the region opened and those crews getting ready as well. >> jay gray live in boston. thank you. massachusetts and connecticut's governors are urging workers to stay home today ahead of the looming blizzard. they want to avoid scenes like this one tonight. this was the chicago area yesterday. snow fell during the day and evening. it made the ride home a nightmare for thousands of commuters. coming up on 20 minutes after 5:00. we want to check on our forecast this morning. tom, we're getting that mixture of snow and rain in other
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places. >> when we talk about that blizzard in boston, it conjures up images of the blizzard of '78. you mention those in the say sentence, they don't want a scene like this. this is the beltway, essentially around boston, route 128. there were thousands of cars stranded and there were 15 ten-foot drifts of snow. this may be a similar scene by saturday in much of boston. right now, two of the storms are converging. the one that went through chicago. we saw that video. this is ontario, the northern part of the storm. this is another part of it forming a major winter storm off the jersey coast later today. right now, it's mostly rain here except in loudoun county, northwestern montgomery, southern frederick to culpeper and fauquier county. that's where they are getting accumulating snow, mainly on grassy areas. some of the untreated roadways, there is light accumulation, slushy. most of the road temperatures
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are above freezing, though. farther east, it's all rain. all the other colors rain. in fact, moderate to heavy rain in st. mary's county, the northern neck and the lower part of the eastern shore. north of there, up through easton, towards chester town. northern calvert, southern anne a raun dell, this is swinging north. light rain, fairfax, arlington, montgomery. northern part of prince george's county and in the district of columbia. where that snow is falling now, it will be had changing to rain by mid-morning. temperatures now around the metro area are above freezing. in the low 30s. where it is snowing, it's near the freezing mark. there is light accumulation on the grassy areas there. up to an inch all these counties in purple. that's going to be, again, changing to rain by 9:00, 10:00 this morning. here's how we're looking for the next several days. strong gusty winds tonight. rain ending by sunset. winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. maybe scattered flurries tonight
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into pre-dawn hours. windy, cold, tomorrow. warmer on sunday. could get rain monday near 50. mild on tuesday. maybe more rain wednesday. i'm back with frequent updates throughout the morning. it's a situation that's changing minute by minute. first 4 traffic now with danella. >> still checking cameras in the area. so far no accidents. a closer look at 295. to bw parkway in green belt, nice and clear. over to another look. gw parkway, you can see green. that means traffic is getting by without issues. heading over to 66 and take the trip outside of hay market. a live look past the rest area. eastbound, you can see just in the lights, rain coming down. give yourself extra time. roadway pretty slick out there. westbound, clear, 66 inside the beltway. a live look passing east falls church metro station. no issues inside the beltway. speaking of metro, no delays. marc,vre, same story, on or close to schedule.
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thank you, danella. you may feel like your job is -- let's check in with melissa mollet at the live desk. >> good morning. we're getting brand new information just into the newsroom now about a fatal shooting that happened early this morning in capital heights. take a look at this video. here's what we know. police are saying that the victim was found outside in fire station in the 1400 block much richie marlboro road. this hapd just after midnight. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. no suspect information. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. now you may feel like your job is sucking the life out of you. a new study argues against it. researchers found no correlation between work-related stress and the development of various cancers. 12 studies involving more than 115,000 participants. they found no link between work-related stress and cancer. but they did say stressed out people eat poorly or smoke more. those are cancer risk factors.
5:24 am
young adults may be the most likely to be stressed out according to a new online survey. a third of americans between 18 and 33 have more stress than a year ago. 5% say it's caused them to lose sleep. women say they're dealing with stress more than men and doctors warn that these results could take a toll on the nation's health. >> stress is a huge factor when we look at medical problems such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac disease. >> who are the least stressed americans? according to the survey, it's so-called matures who are 67 or older. we are still waiting for a comment from the redskins over renewed pressure to change the team's name. hundreds much people packed the museum of the american indian yesterday for a symposium on racial stereotypes in sports. the redskins name played a prominent role in that discussion. some american indians call it racist. on the streets of washington, fans of the burgundy and gold
5:25 am
are divided on whether the team should change it name. >> how would you feel about changing namt redskins? >> wow. that would hurt had. i couldn't do that. >> i'm a lifetime redskins fan. >> if they were to change the name, are you okay with that? >> i would still be a redskins fan. i prefer them changing their name. >> why? >> because of the indians want them to change it. >> washington post columnist mike wise suggests changing the team name to the warriors to honor service members and veterans. neal backside look, wrist shot deflected at the doorstep. it's in. 5-1 pittsburgh. >> oh, boy. things unraveling quickly for the caps. five days -- >> it's okay, eun. five days after falling 6-3 to the penguins, they lose again. this time 5-2. all five goals came within 12 minutes' time during the second period. micro beiro and -- they return
5:26 am
home tomorrow to face the panthers. good luck, guys. >> it's tough. i think it was 20-10 when we were the number one team in the league. just saying. >> we can turn it around. >> always a chance. hockey players are known to be pretty tough. >> you have to roll with the punches as a hockey reporter too. check this out. rangers defenseman mark staal accidentally sent it out of play and to rink side reporter john ji own i. instead of heading to the locker room, he reported while getting cleaned up by the rangers head trainer. staal apologized. the injury did not require stitches and he did finish the game. that is professionalism and focus. >> isn't there plexiglas or something? >> yeah but the puck can fly over the glass. those pucks, number one, they're hard and heavy. >> yeah. >> when you're hit by a hockey player, it could hurt you badly.
5:27 am
5:26 is the time. sending the wrong message. why a local school district is pulling an anti-bullying from the classroom. snow is coming to our region. we have new school delays to talk about. two-hour delay in prince william, howard, clark and page county schools. rappahannock county schools closed. >> we're also watching the roads to spot potential trouble spots. weather and traffic on the 1s next. of course, you can get the forecast wherever you are by downloading the weather app to your smartphone and you can take and upload
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looking at the stories making headlines. a massive manhunt in nevada for a former los angeles police officer accused of killing at least three people. a local teen is in critical condition after a hit and run accident involving a cab. president obama will say farewell to defense secretary leon panetta. much more on those stories throughout the morning. but first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today" on this friday, february 8th.
5:31 am
new school closings and delays coming approximate by the minute. want to run down the list. in virginia, culpeper, fauquier, warren, rappahannock and page county schools are all closed today. loudoun, prince william, clark and frederick county schools on a two-hour delay. in maryland, howard county schools are on a two-hour delay as well. we all know why. tom kierein has a look at weather conditions. >> yeah. we're getting snow where the schools have canceled or delayed. elsewhere, it's all rain. there it is in white. they're getting light to moderate snow. frederick county maryland and leesburg. loudoun county through fauquier, rappahannock and along the blue ridge, warren, clark, madison and green. all the areas getting that snow, maybe an inch or so. mostly on grassy areas. a lot of the road temperatures are above freezing. still could be a slushy accumulation. closer to washington, all cold rain. temperatures are all right around or above the freezing mark. we're not getting any freezing. all road temperatures are well
5:32 am
above freezing. up to an inch of snow possible all these counties in the purple color that includes northern montgomery, howard and frederick and panhandle of west virginia and all the counties in virginia, loudoun, fauquier, down toward culpeper and rappahannock. we'll have that changing over to rain where it is snowing now. elsewhere, all rain through the morning, noontime temperatures in the upper 30s. raining all around the region as we get into the afternoon. i'll have details on what it looks like tonight. big changes on the way. now with a look at how this precipitation is affecting travel, danella has your first 4 traffic. good morning. >> good morning. we'll start in prince george's county. here seeing an accident as you travel northbound 301 at crown station road. the left lane is blocked. the beltway, a report of debris on the inner loop just prior to 295. cameras show your volume increasing in both directions.
5:33 am
no major delays. the debris is out of the roadway. that's good news. the rails good news. no delays on the metro, marc or vre. aaron, over to you. thank you. as danella has been doing, we're keeping an eye on the roads in northern virginia. snow already falling in parts of the state including loudoun county where we find news 4 tony tull in leesburg. tony? >> reporter: we've been dealing with snow since 15 after 4:00 this morning about. we still have snowflakes. as tom has been mentioning, road temperatures and sidewalk temperatures a little too warm for it to be significant. you take a look here. this is leesburg pike in historic leleesburg. it looks like the snow is sticking to the roadway but it's a slushy mix. if you look here in this parking lot. if i move this around, it's really just the slush. so the snow.
5:34 am
>> we lost tony tull's live connection. as you can tell, the snow is falling. more from tony later in the newscast. one of the easiest ways to get out of town may be the train. amtrak says they will run normal northeast service for now. the big apple will likely be your last stop. all service between there and boston will be stopped just after noon today. service to connecticut, new hampshire, vermont and upstate new york will be suspended later this morning. a live picture of reagan national where cancellations are building. nearly 3,000 flights have been scrapped nationwide. megan mcgrath will join us in 15 minutes with troubled travelers are experiencing then. michelle obama will attend a funeral in chicago for a teen killed there. 15 year oiled hadiya pendleton was gunned down on the south side of chicago last month less than a mile from the obamas home. she had performed with her high
5:35 am
school band during the inauguration festivities. arne duncan and illinois governor pat quinn will attend the service. her death brought renewed focus to gun and gang violence in chicago. the head of the nra say the new measures won't pass through congress. david keen said proposals like an assault weapons ban or limit are feel good measures. background checks simply won't work because the current systems are underfunded he suggested. he said they should improve existing background checks to cut down on gun violence. we're getting another look at a man who groped women. this new police sketch was released yesterday. investigators believe the man is behind 18 different instances of women being grabbed as they walked through the town of springfield. with no forensic evidence, the investigation is slow going. making residents very nervous. >> it's just insane that it's
5:36 am
still happening. >> i am talking with the police, working with the miss on a regular basis. it's really going to take citizens to catch this person. >> congressman jerry connolly is concerned about the ongoing incidents. he tells news 4, "i share the concerns of the community about the series of sexual assaults in springfield and am confident that the fairfax county police will bring these incidents to an end." . we'll remain in the dark on the chandra levy murder case. ingmar guandique hearings continue to be closed to the public. there are been a series of hearings. prosecutors say it should remain closed because of safety issues. the judge says the details will eventually be made public. later this morning, a teenager will be sentenced for shooting a classmate. brandon smothers is guilty of
5:37 am
shooting another student. smothers shot the boy multiple times. the victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the argument was reportedly over who was better dressed. police say security sent the boy home earlier in the day but he returned with a gun and shot the student. 21-minute film representing a controversial therapy that tries to turn gay students straight. students at six middle schools watched the film in health class. the county won't say which schools. a school spokesperson says the video was pulled because it did not provide enough information about bullying prevention. a community ready to pay tribute to the life of a civil rights pioneer and long-time state delegate. also ahead, a teen left in the hospital this morning after a hit and run accident involving a taxi cab. the impact this historic storm is expected o have along the east coast and how it could impact your travel plans.
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we continue to track a winter storm targeting the east coast this more than. you're looking live in leesburg
5:41 am
where the snow is falling right now. we have a number of school closures and delays scrolling on the bottom of your screen. this just in. orange county schools in virginia are closed. winchester city schools one hour late today. let's check in with tom kierein for our forecast. >> most of the snow is not accumulating. it's slushy snow. there's a light accumulation, half inch on the grassy areas. frederick county, maryland, along the blue ridge in northern fauquier to culpeper, warren and clark and west of there, it's very light snow. all rain elsewhere. it's going to continue into the afternoon. then tonight, turning windy and colder. i'm back in ten minutes with a seven-day outlook coming up at 5:51. now with first 4 traffic, we have danella. good morning. still quiet in the area. seeing rain, though. let's talk about any incidents on the icc. none to report right now. over to 29 in maryland past 32. a live look, very light volume all the way to silver spring. back over to you both.
5:42 am
thank you, danella. still to come, how police are were able to track down a cab wanted for a hit and run accident that left a teen in the hospital. plus a live look at reagan national airport where flights are being impacted in a (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles
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the winter weather has app impact of people trying to get out of town. amtrak will run normal northeast service between at least new york and d.c. for now. however, the snow impact in boston will affect service into that city this afternoon. meanwhile, we're getting more school delays and cancellations. jefferson county schools now heading the list with a two-hour delay. all that information scrolling at the bottom of your screen. if you're headed out the door to catch a flight, you may want to make new plans.
5:46 am
flight say cancellations nationwide have topped 3,000. megan mcgrath is live at reagan national this morning where passengers are trying to figure out what to do next. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. many of the cancellations are for later this more than and had afternoon and tomorrow. the strategy people are using it to get out of dodge early. leave, get to your destination before the bad weather hits. this is the u.s. airways ticket counter. it's very busy this morning. some of the folks standing here in line actually have plans to leave later in the day. they've changed those plans and they're hopping earlier flights out. in fact, a little while ago one of the employees at the counter said they were making an effort to shift things around to move people to the earlier flights to avoid the mass cancellations that we're expecting later on because of the bad weather in the northeast. people are being proactive as
5:47 am
well. we've encountered folks who canceled their own flights. they rearranged things and in some cases changed airports so that they could get an earlier flight and miss all the problems that we're expecting later today. >> i had a 6:45 flight out of new york laguardia and it was canceled. they switched me to a 12:00 flight. i'm like that's ridiculous. you know it's not leaving. i canceled everything. we hopped in the car and drove down here, booked a flight down here. >> are you going to get where you need to go? >> hopefully, yes. >> and you can see live video of some of the preparations under way here. of course, the weather is coming. we all know that. we're expecting major, major difficulties later on this afternoon. we're not seeing any bad weather here, just rain. it doesn't matter. when you see thousands of cancellations like here today, that has a trickle-down effect. it impacts everybody and if you don't have a flight, it's difficult to get a flight. all of the planes are booked at
5:48 am
this point. so will they have some flexibility this morning to shuffle people around. as we get into the afternoon, that is going to become harder and harder. as we see airports start to close, it's going to be impossible. a lot of people going to be inconvenienced. a lot of people being proactive, trying to get out of here early this morning. reporting live from reagan national, megan mcgrath. news 4. thank you. you can get the forecast wherever you are by downloading the storm team 4 app for your smartphone am you can take and upload photos so other viewers can see what the conditions are like in your neighborhood. 6:45. 48 is our time. a local teenager recovering after being critically injured by a cab that hit him and kept going. this happened on wheeler road in oxon hill. the teen did not use a crosswalk. a person who witnessed everything helped police locate the cabbie near the metro station. >> the help of a citizen that was able to observe the vehicle and was able to provide a great
5:49 am
description and actually it a little bit of police work and was able to assist us in finding the vehicle and the driver. >> no formal charges have been filed against the driver. police say he's cooperating with the investigation. this morning, police in montgomery county say they have finally a break in a case of a home burglaries. three men have been charged. police caught the men after breaking into a home last month. they're accused of stealing more than $100,000 worth of property. happening today, friends and family in and colleagues will say their final goodbyes to a prince george's county pioneer. christine jones died after rescuers pulled her from her burning home. yoens was the first african-american to represent prince george's county in the maryland general assembly much the final viewing will be held on martin luther king avenue in southeast d.c. the viewing will begin at 9:00 this morning. funeral services begin at 11:00.
5:50 am
a remembrance ceremony to honor a paramedic killed in the line of duty. this man died responding to a car fire. today marks the one-year anniversary of his death. the virginia native was only 33 years old. ed remembrance will begin at 10:00 at the development center an jefferson street. d.c. council member jim graham violated the city code of conduct when he intervened in the lottery contracting process. the board said it found evidence that graham improperly supported a developer's bid for the lottery contract in 2008 in exchange for withdrawing from a metro station project. they had no authority to punish him. the federal grand jury is investigating. leaders say no service is safe as they try to cut more than $150 million to balance the county budget. in years past, county executive baker has been able to protect education and public safety.
5:51 am
this year, though, he says it's going to be difficult to avoid layoffs, furloughs and budget cuts to every department. >> there's no way. not enough income coming into the county. we're at a point where we're making tremendous progress. not just in the police department but in our state's attorneys office and corrections department and state department. we don't want to go back snimt there's one more public meeting before the budget proposal is received in march. the meet is tuesday at laurel high school. 5:51 now. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we're talking about the impact of the winter storm. >> tom kierein is here. >> it's minor compared to north and east of us later today into tomorrow. right now, rain in moes of the area where you see the white on storm team 4 radar. that's been snow that's accumulated mainly on grassy areas way far north and west of the metro area. even where the road temperatures are above freezing, or a slushy accumulation on some of the
5:52 am
pavement in northern fauquier county, in clark, warren, loudoun county, into frederick county, maryland. those location, it's now beginning to change over to rain. a lot of the heavier snow we had a half an hour ago or so is changing over to rain. leesburg now 32. that's where they have a half inch or so on the grassy areas. lighter slushy accumulation oon the roadways. that's through fauquier county and down the eastern part of the blue ridge. closer to washington, in the low to mid 30s. all above freezing. it's been all rain. all the counties in purple, under a winter weather advisory until 10:00 this more than. maybe up to an inch of snow. in most of the areas near the blue ridge. this is beginning to change over to rain there, too. the rest of the day, rain for the entire region by noontime. in the upper 30s. low to mid-40s mid-afternoon. windy and colder tonight. we could have the winds gusting to around 40 miles an hour tonight bringing in some colder air. maybe even a few flurries flying
5:53 am
through the air later tonight into dawn on saturday. we'll be down into the mid-20s tomorrow morning. windchills maybe single digit tomorrow morning with the wind gusting to 40 miles an hour. those wind will diminish saturday afternoon. maybe a little sun breaking out. a lot of sun in the afternoon on saturday. near 40. 20s by dawn sunday with a lighter wind and increasing clouds sunday afternoon into the mid-40s. might get rain late sunday night into monday, midday. highs near 50 monday afternoon. may get a little sun breaking in the afternoon. partly cloudy, mild on tuesday. maybe more rain and/or snow on wednesday. not a big storm. stay tuned. we'll keep you posted. frequent updates throughout the morning. a look at traffic with danella ziechb. good morning. checking on a situation in the district. a closer look. at decatur street between iowa avenue and arkansas avenue and northwest. there is fire activity. please avoid the area this morning while the fire department is working.
5:54 am
let's head over to i-270ment normal delays out of frederick. just sluggish as you make your way towards clarksburg. we'll take a closer look past the germantown area. southbound nice and clear as you connect to the beltway. eun, over to you. >> thank you. this is an exclusive look at what you'll see when you finally get to ride metro's new silver line. news 4 cameras got a close-up view of what it will be like on the spring hill station. the platform offers a sweeping sweeping view of the station. delays this weekend on the red line. trains will single track between rhode island and takoma. on the orange line, trains sharing tracks at west falls church and stadium armory and cheverly. work starts tonight at 10:00 and lasts through sunday sfwliefrnlts a maryland proposal that would force cyclists to
5:55 am
wear bike helmets is facing oppositions from cyclists. the washington post reporting the bicyclist groups are -- the association tells the post-it encourages helmet use for safety reasons but say a mandate would not improve safety. we're awaiting word from boeing about when it will begin test flights on the 787 dreamliners. cnbc's shartia brantley is live with that story and more. good morning. >> good morning, eun. the faa has cleared boeing for test flights of its grounded 787s dreamliner jet to collect more data on the potentially faulty batteries. this comes after approval of -- the test flights will be subject to tougher rules. ntsb says investigators have isolated the source of last month's battery fire on the yet in boston to eight cells but hasn't found the root cause. the ntsb also says regulators
5:56 am
must review how boeing's battery certification was approved. mortgage rates are holding steadiment near record lows. freddie mac says the average is 3.53% this week. the 30-year dip as low as 3.31% back in november. mortgages are encouraging more people to buy homes and to refinance. higher home sales push up home prices, which in turn makes consumers who are wealthier, more likely to spend. guys, as you know, the spending accounts for 70% of all economic activity. shartia, thank you. one of the stars of the olympics will be in d.c. gymnast gabby douglas will be at the washington auto show today signing autographs, meeting with fans there. the 17-year-old will be at the convention center tonight at 6:30. she won the all around gold as
5:57 am
well as team gymnastics gold. this is the final weekend for the auto show at the washington convention center. it features more than 700 domestic and foreign cars. doors open today at noon and tomorrow and sunday at 10:00. most of us -- >> rang in the new year. >> rang in the new year last month. but in weekend will mark the beginning of the chinese new year. on sunday, we'll come out of the year of the dragon and enter the year of the snake. >> you're looking at prep under way in london. the year of the snake has had a bad reputation wh superstitious. last year the snake was in 2001, the year of the september 11th attacks and the snake year before that was in 1989 when the chinese forces battled pro democracy forces in beijing. astrologers say don't worry, there is a lot of good coming in 2013. >> i like to celebrate with a lot of food, noodles, dumplings. >> dumplings? bring them in. i am eat them. a live look at boston on the
5:58 am
massive storm that could bury beantown. this conjures bad memories for people who lived there a long time. >> there is a list of school closings and delays getting longer. we're back in 90 s
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